Founder and Creative Director, Sonic Lolly

Noah Shilkin is a recording artist, songwriter/composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, arranger and music supervisor. After 23 years working internationally Noah returned home to be with family – and his new studio “The Lollybox” in Margaret River, WA. He has composed for the likes of Nike, Chevrolet, Calvin Klein, General Motors, Disney, Nelvana, ESPN, CBC, VTV, playwright Harold Pinter and the artist Robert Rauschenberg. Noah has worked with international recording artists ranging from Alanis Morissette to AC/DC and was keyboardist for legendary New Zealand cult band Mother Goose. His song-writing catalogue boasts more than 300 songs and includes the Voodoo Opera “Under a Mardi Gras Moon.”

A love of technology has put Noah at the forefront in the field of computers and music and he has consulted to Apple, AVID, Emu Systems and New England Digital. Industry affiliations include The Western Australian Music Industry Association (Board Vice-President), Chairman of The Creative Corner, SOCAN, BMI, FACTOR, AES and Canada Arts Council. He has worked in many capacities ranging from song reviewer, panellist, guest speaker and educator.

A lifelong passion for and commitment to music sees Noah contributing as a consultant to the international music business while he continues to develop his own craft and the careers of emerging talent and artists.

Recent production and recording credits at the The Lollybox in Margaret River are:

Jacob Diamond
Codee Lee (WAM Song of the Year Category Winner)
Georgi Kay (WAM Song of the Year Winner)
Dallas Royal
Rachel Gorman (WAM Song of the Year Category Winner)
Sir Thomas
Simon and Tammy London (WAM Song of the Year Category Winner)
Saint Ravine
Rachel and Henry Climb a Hill (WAM Song of the Year Category Winner)
Brayden Sibbald (WAM Song of the Year Category Winner)
Paige Trantham
Chris Edmondson (WAM Song of the Year Category Winner)
Holly Norman Trio
Juerlaine Prideaux
Sounds of the South West – Album Project
Tracey Barnett
Junior Bowles
Jodie Boni
Tomas Ford
Live From Settlers Tavern